"Hunting for Heroes gave me a renewed sense of brotherhood.  I felt that I belonged to something again which gave me motivation and morale to go out and not just help myself, but other injured Law Enforcement Officers."
– Joe Haman, H4H Hero

"My husband’s injury was 9 years ago and we have felt very alone for the majority of that time.  It has just been since we met Chris [President of Hunting for Heroes] that those feelings are slowly going away.  People like you and the others behind H4H show us that we are not forgotten or alone."

– Molly C., Wife

"I have had many memorable experiences since H4H was founded.  The most impactful and most common occurs during the tear-filled conversations with the families when they tell me ‘Finally, someone gets it'."

– Chris Allen, President H4H

"I want to thank you for the amazing opportunity you each provided this past weekend.  I came into this experience not knowing what to expect yet, realizing my wife and I were both lost and feeling isolated.  I quickly realized that I am NOT alone in being an injured police officer.  Being able to hear stories of the other police officers and their families helped me understand that we may be in separate states, but we are all walking the same path.  Making new friends with my fellow injured brothers, as well as each of you, is something that I will cherish forever.  I know at any time that I can reach out to any of you when times get hard. Having that support means more than I can explain.
Hunting is something that I used to thoroughly enjoy until my accident two years ago.  I didn’t hunt the year after my accident and only went last year in honor of my dad who had just passed.  You guys provided the assurance and push that I needed to grasp that I can still hunt and that I can still achieve a successful hunt.
I am not sure you are aware of the true impact you made in my life in a matter of a few days.  You guys also supplied me with what I have been looking for a long time: a renewed sense of self.  I have struggled in the past and will sometimes struggle in the future, but knowing I can reach out to you truly means a lot.  Thank you once again for an experience that I will truly never forget."

- Jimmy Lee, H4H Hero

"H4H is a true blessing to every officer's life they touch.  They embrace each injured officer as if nothing is wrong with them; there are no words to describe the incredible power in that nor the impact it makes."

- Fran Cortez, H4H Hero Wife

​​"Knowing that I was not alone in this fight has made a huge difference in my decisions and mind set.  It was even more important to me that they included my whole family.  It gave me great joy in the fact that Hunting 4 HEROES not only gave me a needed break, but they made every effort to give my family a  break as well.  I can’t say thank you enough to this great organization and its volunteers.  Thanks for not forgetting about the law enforcement officers and their sacrifices."

- Officer Daniel Peiper, H4H Hero

"It is with great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation in support of yourselves, your outfit and services.  What a great time!  I consider myself a very well rounded outdoorsman with many successful trips behind me.  But man, spending a weekend with you is like no other.

Being a long time bow hunter and new to bow fishing, you made the transition very easy for me.  Even the one novice we brought in our group that was new to bowhunting had a great time and was very successful under your tutelage.  Your professionalism, knowledge and work ethic really gave me every dime of my money’s worth.  You put us right on the fish, 35 for the night, I think.  Your personalities made the night a whole lot of fun.  Good luck in your future endeavors and Count me in – I will be back!"
– Rodney Born, H4H Hero 


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